Hernando Emergency A.A. Response TeamCarrying The Message During Times of Emergency & Crisis.

Our Hotline is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for meeting information and 12 step calls. (362) 683-4597.

Meeting Closures Listed here: http://aahernando.org/meeting-closures/

For the most current meeting information please check our Meetings page. Every effort is made to reflect changes as they happen. Click on Group/Meeting Name for details about meeting format, mask policies and Zoom information.

In an attempt to serve our community better, we are asking for each Group or Meeting to Delegate a Representative (HEAART Rep) who would provide our HEAART Team and Webmaster with contact information, and keep us advised of any meeting changes. If you are interested in becoming a Rep for your meeting or group, send us an email. Feel free to reach out with any questions or Concerns.

A page has been setup to submit information regarding changes to Hernando IntergroupMeetings. When making submissions, we ask that you provide a name, phone number and email address in case information needs to be verified. Your contact information will not be shared. – Report Meeting Changes. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to post.

Thank you,

Nancy E – Send Email

John K – Send Email